For your kids

Leave concerns behind!

Track your kids between home, school bus, and school with your smart-phone.

What is Kidi?

Kidi is a smart tracking systems that follows your kid right after getting on school bus and throughout the day in the school.

  • Where is the school bus, when it is going to arrive?
  • Did she get on and get off from school bus?
  • Did she arrive to school, and get in to classroom?
  • Where is she now and what is she doing?

How does Kidi work?

Kidi has different form factor of trackers (wristband, id card, badge) which is specially designed for your kids. The IoT network receives the signal from trackers and pushes collected data to the cloud. Mobile applications displays the place and actions of the kids.

  • Wear Kidi
  • Download the mobile app
  • Define Kid's info on the app
  • Start to track

Why should I use Kidi?

Kidi utilizes state-of-the-art technology and totally different from existing classic trackers.

  • Does not require cell phone plan, sim card, and internet connection
  • Runs a year without replacing the built in battery
  • Tiny and light trackers does not disturb your kids
  • Operates accurately both indoor and outdoor
  • Does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves

What is Smart Tracking?

Kidi can understand the abnormal situations with the help of machine learning and neural networking technologies

  • Is your child in the right place where she supposed to be?
  • Is she with other kids or alone?
  • Is she acting differently than the other kids?
  • Is she okay?

Everybody is Happy with Kidi!

Parents, kids, drivers, teachers, and school staff works coherently with the help of Kidi and there is no room for a concern.

Mobile Apps

Download apps and start to use Kidi

You can use both your smart-phones and tablet computers.

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